The vast majority of people who use Modius will not experience any side effects at all. In fact, most find wearing the headset a very relaxing experience.

However, stimulation of the vestibular nerve may cause slight nausea and headaches for someone particularly sensitive to this, although symptoms are typically reported as mild and short-lived. However, if you are concerned about such symptoms, discontinue using Modius and consult your doctor.

Since Modius activates a nerve associated with balance in the body, it produces a gentle, rocking feeling for many users. This experience can mimic the sensation of being on a boat, especially when the stimulation level is high. For users that are prone to motion sickness, this may cause some discomfort. To avoid this, we recommend starting at a low power level (no higher than level 2 or 3) and only increasing very gradually over time as your body gets used to the stimulation. Users should stick with a level that they’re comfortable with (there are 10 levels to choose from).
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