The Modius range of headsets bring together our team’s passion for medicine, electronics and helping others.

The first headset, Modius SLIM was in development for over five years. It all began with Dr Paul McGeoch’s observation that electrical stimulation of the brain could help people struggling with weight loss. He shared his findings with his colleague and friend, Dr Jason McKeown, who had been drawn to the field of Neurosurgery in part due to his fascination with technology and electronics. Jason was intrigued. He quickly developed a prototype version of the device.

Like all good inventors, he immediately tested it on himself. Over time, he noticed a significant reduction in appetite, reduction in cravings and an increase in satiety. Within a year, he had managed to reduce his own body fat by 44%, and he also experienced a 2kg (4.5 lb) increase in muscle mass. While these results are not typical, he was convinced the technology worked as hypothesized.

The potential benefits of the technology now identified, Dr McKeown & Dr McGeoch contacted an award-winning manufacturing team and set about creating the device. After years of prototypes and testing, Modius SLIM has been refined into a high-tech wearable headset that is already revolutionizing weight loss for thousands of people across the world.

Our second headset, Modius SLEEP, is currently being manufactured and expected to ship in 2020, and aims to improve sleep without the need for medication.
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