When your headset has fully charged (and the solid amber light has turned off), you are ready for your first session.

Cleansing the area:
You will need to use one of the alcohol wipes provided with your headset to cleanse the bony area just behind the ears (the ‘Mastoid bone’), allowing the area to fully dry before trying to attach pads.

Attaching the pads:
Peel off the clear plastic from one of the pads and carefully (without touching the sticky area of the pad) attach a pad to the bony area behind each ear. The following diagram shows the area you are wanting to attach to:

We recommend waiting a few moments after the pads have been applied before attaching the cables and trying to run a session, as the warmth of the skin will help the adhesiveness of the pads build up. Place the headset on your head (the power button side goes above your right ear) and attach the cable connectors onto each pad.

Getting connected to run a session:
Assuming you are already set up on the app, the phone and headset will need to be paired for the first time so they have a secure connection.

First press the power button on the headset for a couple of seconds to turn it on. You will hear a high beep.

Now open the Modius app and follow the pairing instructions on the screen to pair your headset via Bluetooth. The app will find the headset and ask you to pair so you’ll need to click the power button on the headset once when prompted by the app to acknowledge the pairing.
(some Android phones require an additional step, accepting the pair request in the notification tray).

When a connection has been established, you’ll see the battery level symbol showing on the app.

Your phone or tablet device should recognise and auto-connect in the future when the headset is on and the app is open. You shouldn’t need to pair again the next time you run a session, unless you have had to do a USB reset in between times for any reason.

If you have any difficulties with pairing your headset, click here for the FAQ which helps with this issue.

If you require any further help, contact our Customer Care team on team@modiushealth.com and they’ll be able to assist.

Starting your session:
Once connected, press the Start button on the app to begin your session and use the arrows to increase or decrease the power level. We advise that you start at a low level (no more than level 3) to begin with, as your body will probably take a little time to get used to the stimulation. Some people are more sensitive to vestibular stimulation than others so just stay at a level that you feel comfortable with. It's not a race to level 10!

We recommend sitting down during your Modius session, watching TV, reading a book or browsing the internet.

When your session has finished, you will hear 3 beeps and the white light on the headset will flash rapidly. Make sure to disconnect the cable connectors from the pads before taking your headset off to avoid pulling and damaging the cables.

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