When you have put on the headset, attached the pads and started your session via the app, the white light on the headset should be solidly lit. This should stay lit with a solid white light for the duration of your session. When your session has finished, you will hear 3 beeps, the white light will start to flash and you should then turn off your headset using the power button.

You may not always feel the stimulation produced by the headset, as it will feel different across your sessions and sometimes you’ll feel it more than others. Additionally, you will often feel it more on one side than the other, and the slight tingling sensation is usually felt more at the start of a session than at the end as the body gets used to the sensation.

With consistent use (we recommend at least 5 sessions per week), most users notice changes to their appetite, satiety and cravings so we would encourage you to listen to your body and respond accordingly as Modius helps you to reach your ultimate weight goal.
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