Modius SLIM is a headset which is intended to be worn for 1 hour per day (ideally a minimum of 5 times per week) when sitting down. (Modius SLEEP is only required to be worn for 30 minutes each day). The headset is operated by the Modius app which you will need to download to your phone or tablet device.

When you purchase a headset, you'll also receive alcohol cleansing wipes and electrode pads. Prior to each session, you will need to cleanse the bony area just behind the ear lobes (the Mastoid bone), leave to dry and then carefully apply one pad to each side. Allow a few minutes for the pads to adhere to the skin before starting your session.

The headset is placed on the head with the power button side above the right ear. Attach a cable to each pad and then press the power button on the headset to turn it on.

You will then follow the instructions on the app to pair the headset to your phone (the headset should automatically pair for subsequent sessions), and start the session. There are 10 power levels to choose from, but as people have very different levels of sensitivity to vestibular stimulation, we would recommend starting at level 1 and only moving up through the levels over the next few sessions if you feel comfortable.

Once a session has started, you can sit back and relax! Many people find the sensation very therapeutic, and you can use your time to watch TV, read or just make the most of your 'me-time'.

Each session will automatically end after 60 minutes and you will hear three beeps to indicate it has completed. You'll be able to do your next session after a period of 16 hours (the headset is limited to one hour per day, but set to 16 hours to allow flexibility in your schedule).

The Modius headset should not be worn when exercising or operating machinery due to it stimulating the vestibular system which is responsible for balance within the body.
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