Modius SLIM uses vestibular stimulation to safely and non-invasively send a signal to the hypothalamus in the brain.
Vestibular stimulation has been scientifically proven to influence the areas of the hypothalamus associated with appetite, satiety and the overall desire for food.

The headset is worn for one hour a day and the electrode pads are placed on the surface of the skin at the bony part behind the ear (the 'Mastoid Process') where the vestibular nerve can be stimulated. Modius SLIM emits a low-level pulse which is able to indirectly influence the hypothalamus via this nerve.

The headset is intended to be worn for 1 hour per day (ideally a minimum of 5 times per week) when sitting down. It is operated by the Modius app which you will need to download to your phone or tablet device, and the headset connects via Bluetooth.
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