If you are getting the ‘Check Pads’ error during your Modius session, we would suggest the following:

Make sure you have wiped the area behind your ears using an alcohol wipe & leave the area to dry before attaching the pads
Ensure no hairs are in the way (we recommend tying long hair back)
Attach pads to the bony area behind the ears (see below image), and avoid touching the sticky area of the pads
Adhesion of the pads will increase over time so leave it a few minutes before attaching the headset. Start the device at a low level and build up through the power levels very gradually over the next few minutes, as the higher pulse can sometimes make the pads looser initially.
We strongly recommend storing the pads in their original bags and fold over to avoid the pads becoming dried out

Click here for the ‘check pads’ troubleshooting video.

If you have done all the above and are still getting the issue, try pads from a different bag to see if this makes any difference.

We hope the above tips help but please contact us (team@modiushealth.com) if you’re still having problems.
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