The Modius headset connects to the app via Bluetooth so if you are having trouble pairing your device, the following tips should help with establishing a connection:

Make sure that both your phone (power saving mode often affects Bluetooth connectivity) and headset are charged as a low battery on either device will affect the pairing process.

If you have an Android device, you will also need to ensure your ‘Locations Services’ are set to ON in both the Modius app settings and your general phone settings. This is a requirement for Android 6 and above when using Bluetooth and nothing to do with us needing to know your location!

Before turning on the headset, make sure you are closed out of the Modius app.

When you press the power button on the headset, you should hear a single high-pitched beep which indicates it’s turned on.

Now open the app on your phone or tablet. You’ll see the Modius dashboard and you should see it saying ‘scanning for headset’. The light on the headset will flash blue to indicate it’s searching for a Bluetooth pairing.

Make sure to follow the prompts on the app to click the headset power button when the pairing has been successful.

If you are not getting a paired connection after 60 seconds you could try to force-close the app and restart it again, and also turn the headset off and on again (by pressing the power button) as this is often all that may be required.

However, if you are still having issues, run through the following steps in this order:

Go into your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth settings and ‘Forget’ Modius as a recognised device

Turn your Bluetooth off in your phone or tablet

Turn phone or tablet device totally off and power up again

Turn Bluetooth on in phone or tablet

Turn on headset

Open the Modius app and follow the steps on the app to pair your headset

At this stage, if you are still unable to pair your headset, it could be that your phone or tablet is not using a supported Bluetooth version (unfortunately, due to the nature of Bluetooth technology we are unable to ensure compatibility with every phone or tablet) so we’d recommend emailing for further advice.
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