We do not recommend using Modius if you have an implanted cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator, or a deep brain stimulation device, as there is a small possibility the electrical pulses from the devices could interfere with one another.

Modius is a vestibular nerve stimulator. Thus we do not recommend using Modius if you suffer from chronic vestibular nerve dysfunction, vertigo, mal de debarquement syndrome or inner ear problems – e.g. Ménière’s disease. Individuals with epilepsy should consult their primary care physician or other healthcare provider before using Modius, as certain types of epilepsy, in particular reflex vestibular, can be triggered by vestibular stimulation.

We also do not recommend using Modius if you are pregnant as we have not tested the headset with someone that is pregnant and therefore cannot be certain about any potential side effects. Therefore please avoid using Modius until after your baby is born.

Modius is to be used by adults age 18 and over only.
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