Whilst the science behind Modius isn’t new, the technology applied within a consumer headset is so you may be wondering whether Modius SLIM is right for you. If any of the following apply, why not give it a go?…

1. You actively want to lose weight

2. Your downfalls are appetite and cravings

3. You are in this for the long-term

4. You want to break through your weight loss plateau

5. You want to enhance your fitness regime

However, Modius SLIM won’t be for you if any of the below apply:

1. You are looking for a quick fix
2. You don’t have a weight loss goal
3. You don’t want to try to lose weight
4. You are pregnant
5. You are under 18 years old
6. You have a pacemaker

Drop us an email to team@modiushealth.com or contact us via Live Chat if you have any particular queries and we’ll be happy to help.
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