When charging, the headset should have a solid amber light, which will go out when fully charged.

If you are getting a flashing amber light when your headset is plugged in to charge, this indicates a problem with the battery which can be fixed by following the instructions as outlined below. This process is in effect doing a ‘trickle-charge’ to the battery (a bit like a jump-start). Please repeat these steps until the battery level reaches enough charge to display a solid amber light. You will then need to allow the battery to fully charge until the amber light turns off.

Connect your headset to the charger (or via a laptop if you didn’t receive a charger with your purchase). Allow 10 seconds. Amber should be flashing.

Hold the power button on the headset. You will hear the ‘power on’ beep. Don’t let go of the power button – keep it pressed throughout.

Disconnect the USB charging cable. Keep that power button pressed.

Reconnect the USB charging cable

Release power button. Amber light now solid – continue to charge.

Below is a video which explains how to perform the above steps:

If you’re still unable to get a solid amber charging light after having run through the above steps a number of times, please contact our Customer Care team on team@modiushealth.com.
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