In the Modius box, you will receive a headset, USB charging cable, User Manual, 150 electrode pads and 100 cleansing wipes. You should first attach the charging cable to the headset and plug into a power source so the headset can charge. When charging, you should see a solid amber light which will go out once charging has finished.

It will take approx. 3 hours for your headset to charge, depending on the type of charger you are using.

A flashing amber light when charging indicates a charging error, so click here to see the FAQ which explains how this can be resolved.

Before running your first session, you will need to download the free Modius app onto your phone or tablet device. Click either of the following links to access the app on either Android or Apple:

Android: Google Play Store
Apple: App Store

When the app has been downloaded, you will need to create an account. You’ll see some videos on the app to help you get started so you can watch these either now or later. You should follow the prompts to input your height and weight, gender and date of birth. We recommend you click the button to allow alerts so that you receive session notifications and weight log reminders. They can be turned off at a later date if you don’t find them useful.

Click here for the next FAQ in this series, 'How do I get set up for my first session?'
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