The key to success is consistency and commitment so we recommend that you use your headset for one hour every day for best results, and in conjunction with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Use your Modius SLIM headset at a time of the day that fits in with your lifestyle. Some people prefer to use it in the mornings whilst others find it easier to find time for Modius in the evenings. You may wish to try using it at different times of the day to see if you notice any differences in the effects on your appetite, cravings, sleep or energy levels.

Gradually build up the power level over time (as mentioned in previous FAQs) as your body will take time to get used to the stimulation provided by the headset. If you aren't experiencing any side effects, you could try moving up through the levels so you are maximising your sessions - but only do this if you feel comfortable with the sensation.

Those who are actively trying to lose weight will notice the effects quickest and we would strongly recommend this in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Modius SLIM should help make the process of losing weight easier by helping to reduce your appetite and cravings, and increasing your feeling of fullness when eating. If you are hitting a plateau with your weight loss, many users have reported that Modius SLIM helps them get over this and they are able to get better results than with just dieting and exercise alone.

Don't fall victim to old habits! Listen to your body’s signals and respond accordingly - avoid the urge to eat what you’d usually consume if your body is telling you you’re full or you’re not needing it. We see Modius SLIM as helping you to take back control of your dieting efforts.

Make sure you’re keeping adequately hydrated, especially if you have increased your fitness levels.

We recommend weighing yourself on a daily basis, focusing on the downward trend over time (rather than worrying about small ups and downs in your weight, which is perfectly normal). That being said, scales are not necessarily the best way to gauge success in the early days so we would recommend taking body measurements at the start of your journey in order to track your progress. Ideally, body fat scans will be the best way to monitor this so you can see changes in your body composition over the coming weeks and months.
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